Powderpuff Game, 2014-2015

Graphics Arts Custom T-Shirt Production 2015-16

Science Fair Display Board 2015-16

"1984" Drawing Class 2015-16

Drawing Class 2015-16

Drawing Class 2015-16

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News and Announcements

Bell 2018 General Scholarship Application

Bell High School General Scholarships are open to all Seniors and there is no minimum grade point average requirement. Scholarships amounts will range from $250 to $500.
Click the image here to download the application form. Good Luck!

Gates Millennium Scholarship Winners Announced!

Bell Senior High once again is proud to announce more winners of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. This year, Bell STEM Magnet Students Beatrice Castillo and Ailene Torres were winners of this prestigious award. There were only 300 recipients of this award from a pool of over 28,700 applicants. Congratulations to these two outstanding students and the entire Bell STEM Magnet Team!

Autism Awareness Month

Please click on the link here to learn more about Autism. Here you will find web sites and articles dedicated to sharing important information about how anyone can help people with Autism. Remember, 'Early Intervention' (helping children learn to communicate before the age of three) is the greatest known strategy to help!

New Scholarships Available!

Scholarship Image

Dear Students,
Please take a moment to look at the list of scholarships from around the country, along with their due dates. Please visit the College Center for more information.

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