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HP ChromeBooks & Sprint Wifi Available for Students!

If you are a student who is in need of a ChromeBook & WiFi Hotspot to use both at home and at school, please see Mr. Anker in S-4 for an application. Most students qualify. The application takes only a few minutes to complete with a parent. Once complete, return the application to Mr. Anker, and within a few weeks, you'll have a ChromeBook & HotSpot to use to support your academic needs for as long as you are a student at Bell High School.
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The Gates Scholarship (TGS)

Time is running out on The Gates Scholarship (TGS) application ! Phase I of the application is due on Sunday, September 15, 2019, by 5:00 PM PT.
To apply, students must be:
A high school senior
From at least one of the following ethnicities: African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American
A US citizen, national, or permanent resident
In good academic standing with a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent)
Additionally, a student must plan to enroll full-time, in a four-year degree program, at a US accredited, not-for-profit, private or public college or university.
An ideal candidate will have:
An outstanding academic record in high school (in the top 10% of his/her graduating class)
Demonstrated leadership ability (e.g., as shown through participation in community service, extracurricular, or other activities)
Exceptional personal success skills (e.g., emotional maturity, motivation, perseverance, etc.)
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Summer School 2019

This is a reminder Summer School will be offered from Wednesday, June 19, 2019 to Wednesday, July 24, 2019. For more information please call Mr. Gomez, Counselor at (323) 832-4796.
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Attending College?

If you are enrolling at a Community College or a University, there is additional ASSISTANCE available for you this SUMMER. Check out the link below for times and dates. We are here to support you on your road to college.
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