Welcome to
Arts Language Performance Humanities Academy
at Bell High School
ALPHA empowers graduates to leverage visual, verbal and artistic skills necessary to communicate in a 21st Century technological world. ALPHA students will develop Artistic skills and be able to communicate as critical thinkers in multiple ways within their communities.

On Saturday, Oct 27th, the Art and Design Club finished the ALPHA mural project on the west-end of the main building by the middle of the stairway.



Ms. Lukesh and Ms. Lepe



from top left to right-

Jacob Ledesma, Alex Munoz, Genine Ramirez, Diana Roque, Yaremy Copca, Emerson Rodriguez, Annette Gutierrez, Iona Gutierrez, Lepe, Gabriela Peraza, Juliana Gutierrez

We meet after school every Wed and Th in S-7