ALPHA » Career Technical Education, CTE (elective courses) in ALPHA

Career Technical Education, CTE (elective courses) in ALPHA

Graphic Design Course Sequence: Students will express creativity through industry standard software such as but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. The purpose is to enable students to understand and appreciate artistic expression and study the impact of multimedia on our society from social and economic viewpoints. 
  1. Intro to Graphic Design A/B
  2. Graphic Design A/B
  3. Graphic Design/Web Design
Production Managerial Arts: This hands-on course allows students to participate in the action that goes on "behind the scenes" in a theatrical production. Students will participate in theatre management, stage design, costume design, make-up, lighting and special effects. 
  1. Technical Theatre I A/B
  2. Technical Theatre 2 A/B
  3. Stage 2 A/B