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Principal's Message

Dear Staff, Parents and Community Members,


Last week February 14, 2018 on Valentines Day, let us reflect on the tragic event that took place in Parkland, Florida that have touched the nation and the world and have shown a spotlight on the way in which schools throughout this country handle security and emergency incidents. 


We, at Bell High School have resolved to continue to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment to our students and staff. In the coming weeks, we at Bell High School will review, prepare and practice for events such as these by conducting regular secured campus procedures (lock-downs and shelter-in-place drills), ensure perimeter checks and visitor procedures are met with due diligence. Furthermore, our school will continue to work with our School Police and collaborate further with the Bell Police Department and the County Sheriff’s Department to ensure safety is optimum.  


Despite all this preparation, there is always more we can do as a community to protect our children.   It is important that we stay vigilant and alert to even the smallest warning signs.  I remind all students, staff, parents and community members of the slogan “See Something, Say Something”, when in doubt please report it to the school, police department or call 911. Only through our collective eyes and due diligence can we ensure the safety of our learning community members. Further, Bell HS has activated our schools Crisis Team to ensure students are provided the necessary social, mental and grief counseling support.


But most of all, this tragedy is an opportunity for us to become involved in the political process, engage in civic dialogue along with communicating our moral purpose that no more families will have to endure the painful loss of a loved one. No matter what change will occur in the coming year, please know that our students and staff, will remain our number one priority. On behalf of the entire Bell High School learning community we express our deepest condolences to the families of Parkland Florida.



Rafael L. Balderas