Soares, Steven » Mr. Soares' Page --Page 1 --June 18, 2012

Mr. Soares' Page --Page 1 --June 18, 2012


Parents and students of English 10/11-- welcome to my page!! There are some important things you should know as your student begins the new year (August 15th, 2012). First, I'm not one to stand on ceremony, so if you need to talk to me about your student's progress you should do so without hesitation and you should do so earlier in the semester rather than at the end of the semester. For appointments during the school day, I may be reached through the school at (323) 832-4700. You may also schedule an appointment  after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I like EMAIL but I do not tweet, so contact me at

Second, your involvement in your son's/daughter's education is a key piece to the achievement puzzle. Your son's/daughter's conduct on campus and in the classroom adds to or detracts from their learning environment. You can help by ensuring your son/daughter comes to school with the following minimum supplies on the first days of classes:

a. Notebook with lined notebook paper.
b. Two blue/black ink pens

The classroom operations document below identifies additional materials required for the class but for the first days of school your daughter/son needs to come prepared to work.

Third, there are a number of classroom rules and guidelines for your son/daughter to follow. While these guidelines are also outlined in the Class Operations documents on page two, there are two important ones I'd like to bring to your attention--IPODs and cellphones. Please ensure that your child leaves his/her IPOD at home during the school year. IPODs are not only subject to pilfering but can become a personal distraction for the student in the classroom. If your son or daughter needs to bring an IPOD to school as part of classroom instruction, I will so indicate on my homework page/section. Otherwise, please ensure your child leaves for school without an IPOD.

Cellphones, like IPODs, can become a personal distraction in a classroom setting and, while cell phones can be used as an instructional tool, they are best left secured in the backpack or satchel. Our school policy is that cellphones must not be visible when carried on campus. The inherent convenience of cell phones to both parent and student dictates that students behave responsibly with respect to these devices and that they be used only for essential communications. Parents should also know that camera equipped cell phones can pose a threat to the privacy of other students on campus. Your judicious counseling of your child about the school's cellphone policy would add to a positive learning environment.

Instructional Focus Grade 10--First Semester-August through December. 

During the first semester of English 10A students require mastery in both persuasive and informational writing.  They learn the techniques writers and speakers use to persuade.  They learn basic essay organization and they distinguish between between informational writing styles/organization and persuasive writng styles /organizations.   Students are expected to deliver oral presentations, read and write in the genre of persuasion and exposition.   A detailed course description can be found on the Curriculum Guide page.