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The Local School Leadership is a Shared Decision Making Council.
The LSLC Meets Every 1st Monday of the Month at 2:45 pm in the PCR. The 2017-18 Members of the LSLC are as follows:

Rafael Balderas (Principal), Kenneth Goodson (UTLA Chair), Jose Fonseca (Teacher),
Raul Chaidez (Teacher), Raymond Galarze (Teacher), Ralph Benavente (Teacher),
 Yadira Andrade (Classified), Susana Castillo (Out of Classroom & Secretary),
Neyda Rios (Student), Erika Chavez, (Student),
Dan Moreno (Parent), Yolanda Nicholas (Parent). Joel Velsaco (Parent), Yamile Sainz (Parent)

Purview of the Local School Leadership / Shared Decision Making Council:
  1. Staff development program;
  2. Student discipline guidelines and code of student conduct;
  3. Schedule of school activities and events, and special bell schedules;
  4. Guidelines for use of school equipment, including the copy machine;
  5. The following local budgetary matters:
    • Instructional Material, account formerly 4170 and now 3027
(taken from LAUSD/UTLA Contract - Article XXVII on pg 279)

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