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What is cross country?

Cross Country is a sport that consists of nothing but running.  Running in hills, grass, and pavement along different courses from various competitions. 

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Paper work

Students are required fill out paperwork before they can participate in competition.  The paperwork consists of a physical that must be filled out by a doctor, emergency card, proof of insurance, and the CIF athletic code of ethics.


Daily Practice

During the months of July and August practice runs until the end of period 6.  After that practice generally runs no latter than 4:30PM.  We also have Saturday practice from 8:00AM to 10:00AM In addition athletes are expected to come to practice during their off track time.

Sport Expenses

Each athlete is required to purchase a uniform.  The cost of the uniform is $30.00 and is theirs to keep.  The athletes are also issued a set of warm-ups that need to be return at the end of the season.  The other expense is that each student must have a pair of running shoes.  These can be purchased most sporting goods stores.  It is imperative that students have running shoes to prevent injuries.  Finally, we also ask that each student athlete bring a one time donation of $10.00 which is used to purchase food and drinks that are given out to the athletes after each meet.



Our competition starts in the month of September (see schedule below).  Our races are on Thursdays at Elysian Park and we arrive back to Bell between 6:30 PM -7:00PM.  There will be some Saturdays’ where we will be competing.  We will need parent to volunteer with transportation of the athletes to these Saturday’s events.

Parent Involvement

We always welcome parent support.  We mainly need parents to help with the transportation on the Saturday meets.   Parents are also encouraged to come and see their student athlete compete on days of competition (see schedule below)


Further questions

For additional information or questions that were not answered here please feel free to contact us at 323-832-4700 or send an email to [email protected] You can also visit our website at and click on BHS Cross country.