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Summer Programs

Summer Programs

By: Cynthia Campos (BHS 2012, Yale Univ.)

Free or low cost summer programs at universities in California and across the nation lasting anywhere from 1-8 weeks.

• MIT MITES Summer Program, 6 weeks, Math and Engineering (Boston, MA)

• Carnegie Mellon University SAMS, 6 weeks, Math and Science (Pittsburgh, PA)

• Johns Hopkins CTY, Variety of Topics, 3 weeks (Across the US)

• Brown University Summer Academies, 1-8 weeks (Providence, RI)

• Cornell Summer College (Ithaca, NY)

• PennVETS Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)

• Santa Barbara Global Studies, 8 weeks (Santa Barbara, CA)

• Duke University Youth Programs, Variety of courses (Durham, NC)

• Emory Pre-College Programs, Variety of courses (Atlanta, GA)

• Georgetown Summer High School 10days or 6 weeks (Near Washington DC)

• George Washington University Pre-College Program

• JSA Summer School (Choose from a list of universities)

• NYU Pre-College Program 6 weeks, variety of courses(New York City, NY)

• University of Miami Summer Scholar (Miami, FL)

• USC Summer Programs (Los Angeles, CA)

• California Institute for the Arts (CalArts) film and video, creative writing, visual arts,

   animation, dance, music and theater (Valencia, CA)

• Harvard Summer School (Cambridge, MA)

• Summer at Georgetown (Washington, DC)


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