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Student Checklist

Student Checklist

Freshman Year

  • Develop good study habits. Grades are the most important factor colleges consider.
  • Learn about extra-curricular activities and choose to participate in some.  Bell High School has a lot of great clubs to be a part of. Many colleges consider talent and leadership in the admissions process so it is important to show them you have been involved in extracurricular activities. Besides, they are the fun part of school!
  • Visit the Bell HS College Center.
  • Develop a 4 year academic plan. You can do this with your Academic Counselor or the College Counselors Mrs. Robles or Mr. Marquez
  • Attend college info sessions and sign up to meet college and university representatives.   Also, attend national and regional college fairs.  Check for more information.

Sophomore Year

  • Meet with college representatives in the College Center when you can.
  • Take the PSAT test.
  • Update your 4 year academic plan.
  • Be certain you are fulfilling all course requirements to graduate.
  • Consider taking a practice SAT or ACT exam.
  • Consider taking the SAT Subject tests if you are completing an Honors or AP course that is one of the SAT Subject tests.
  • Begin to research some college choices. A great way to do this is by using This website has an interest inventory which allows you to answer questions about yourself and then get suggestions about majors, careers, and colleges that might be a good fit for you.

Junior Year

  • Visit with college representatives in the College Center throughout the year.
  • Research college choices - use the resources in the College Center!
  • Take a Career and College Search ( .
  • Register to take the ACT exam / SAT Reasoning exam / SAT Subject test - check for winter and spring dates on and .
  • Take the PSAT test in October. In your junior year, you can qualify for scholarships through the PSAT.
  • Prepare for the SAT/ACT!
  • Visit the Bell HS College Center to get more information.
  • Review your 4 year academic plan, as well as graduation and college entrance requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment in the spring with your counselor - invite your parents.
  • Take AP exams in May.
  • During the summer, work on your college essay, take a college class, attend a summer program. Remember, the summer before your senior year is the last time you can take a class that will be included in your GPA when applying to college.

Senior Year

  • Finalize the list of colleges and universities to apply to by October.
  • Visit with College Representatives all of Fall semester.
  • Visit with a Peer College Counselor or Mrs. Robles & Mr. Marquez at the College Center about your college plans.
  • Register for SAT Reasoning, SAT II & ACT (if necessary) no later than December.
  • Complete the Cal Grant Verification and FAFSA financial aid forms before the March 2 deadline.
  • Pick up financial aid form to register for the CSS Profile if required by college.
  • In December notify Counselor if 7th semester grades are to be sent to colleges.
  • Register for AP exams in March.
  • Request final transcript to be sent to the college you will be attending.
  • Notify College Center of all college decisions.
  • Apply for housing early - check refund policy.
  • Don’t develop “senioritis” - colleges have been known to revoke admissions.
  • Celebrate Graduation!