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While attending a college, university or technical school can be expensive, there are resources available to you and your family.  While most programs expect you and your family to contribute some money toward your education, financial aid can provide money to assist you and the high costs of post-secondary education.  Read below to get more information about financial aid:


FAFSA:  (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


This application is required to be eligible for all financial aid and should be completed during the student's senior year.  There are different deadlines, but the Californiadeadline is March 2nd .  It should be completed on-line using the website: The FAFSA application will ask you questions about your family's finances and college plans.  You also should list all of your colleges on the FAFSA, so they will receive your information.  Please see the file below to learn more about the FAFSA.


Cal Grant Verification Forms:


This form must also be completed if you plan to apply to a California college, university or technical school.  You can get this form from your college counselors, Mrs. Robles or Mr. Marquez, in the college office.  It also must be completed before March 2nd of your senior year.  The Cal Grant Verification Form provides your GPA for Cal Grant eligibility.  Cal Grants are free money provided by the state of California and you can receive up to $9,700 for college or up to $3,000 for a technical program. 


CSS Profile:


The CSS  Profile is a separate financial aid application that is required for many out-of-state and private universities.  You can go to to see which universities require the Profile and what the deadlines are. 


Additional Information:


See the files below for additional information.


Be sure and visit the College & Career Center regularly to get more information.  Don’t miss the deadlines or be left out!