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College Search Websites

College Search Websites


This is an excellent website for college searches, career searches and choosing a major.  Follow the instructions listed below to log on for the first time and then create your own profile.


This website includes all of the California 2- and 4-year colleges and universities.  It includes links to each of the four systems in California:  the University of California, the California StateUniversities, the Independent colleges and the community colleges.


This very inclusive website offers information regarding admissions, online applications, and links to each of the 9 UC campuses.


This extensive online site gives students and their families updates and information regarding the 23 Cal State campuses.  This is also the application website for all of the CSU campuses.


This website provides students with information about the over 100 private schools throughoutCalifornia.  Check out “The Guide” to get a quick profile of the private university you are interested in.


The Collegeboard provides this resource to colleges and universities throughout the country. Links to the actual college websites are also provided.


This website allows you to create an extensive profile in order to match you to a college or university based on your interests, skills, GPA, test scores, and other criteria for college selection. It takes a little time to complete, but you will have a very comprehensive list of schools to choose from.


Do you want to see what the college or university looks like?  This website will let you see highlighted pictures from over 150 colleges around the country.  There is additional information available about the schools as well.