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The following was submitted by 9th Grade House to describe their program:    

Ninth Grade House At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year, BHS established a Ninth Grade House. The Ninth Grade House serves approximately 1800 students with dedicated teachers, counselors, and coordinators.  The priority in the Ninth Grade House is the academic success of all 9th graders.  For 9th graders students whose excessively absences or tardies place them at risk of failing, a special “Twilight School” was established, making use of a later schedule.   

The primary purpose of the Ninth Grade House is to provide a sheltering and personalized environment that promotes academic success for all matriculating 9th graders.  Ninth Grade House teachers use a coordinated, team-based approach that presents the 9th grade curriculum, which also features a strong focus on study skill.  Each 9th grader is also presented during the year with a number of activities designed to relate school experience with postsecondary educational opportunities and career options.  Field trips, guest speakers, and presentations by BHS career path academy students help 9th grade students make the connection between school and the future. 
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