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WASC Information (Previous Years)

Previous WASC Planning & Visit Information
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Visiting Committee Results are In!!!
The Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) has notified Bell High School (BHS) that we have been granted a three-year term of accreditation, good through June 30, 2014.  As a result, BHS will have a two-day visit by a somewhat smaller committee sometime during the third year, most likely in the spring of 2014.

What’s next?
We must begin immediately with the whole-hearted implementation of our action  plan. This must be a collaborative effort that involves all stakeholders. Through our PLCs and SLCs, we must continue to refine instructional strategies and find and implement effective interventions that work for all our students. Focus groups (SLCs) will continue to meet periodically to monitor and evaluate progress as the school works on the five school wide areas of growth listed below:
  • Develop a systematic approach to provide families who have internet access a chance to use that technology to keep apprised of their child’s progress;
  • The A-G completion rate and graduation rate is very low in spite of the school’s interventions;
  • Advisory period is not delivered to the students in a consistent, meaningful manner;
  • The SLCs lack consistency in their development of academic programs which align with their titles of: SciTech, Humanitas, and MTCA;
  • Incorporate a wider variety of instructional strategies which may include (Active participation by the students in the lesson, regular Checking for Understanding by the teachers, the use of academic wait time, meaningful cooperative learning activities, etc.)

You may click on the links below to see:
  • WASC Self Study Report - The collaboratively drafted document used as the basis for our Self Study and by the Visiting Committee.
  •  Visiting Committee Report - The reported drafted by the Visiting Committee as a result of their three-day visit to BHS.
  • Term of Accreditation Memo - The memo drafted by Tom Campbell, Accreditation Coordinator, that explains our accreditation term and next steps for all BHS stakeholders.