WASC Accreditation » WASC Accreditation (2017)

WASC Accreditation (2017)


Bell High School has defined its mission as to educate all students to the highest degree of their abilities socially, academically, and technologically so that they become contributing members of society.


At the beginning of this WASC cycle, the Leadership Team reviewed this Mission and found no reason to readdress this overall, umbrella concept, but did see a need to revisit its more specific learning goals.


After receiving Reed training and increasing our understanding of our specific learning community and their needs, the entire faculty engaged in a process of updating our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) and coming up with a set of new Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (ESLOs) that reflected our latest understanding of educational practices, our true goals within all of our classrooms and an enlightened acknowledgement of the 21st century skills our students will need to succeed in and beyond college.


Bell High School’s mission and Expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes were created with input from all staff and approval of parents and students, based on students’ needs and goals and grounded in research.


Please take the time to review the supporting documents below: