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2013-2014 Out-of-Classroom Positions

The following positions have been confirmed:

David McBride (Testing),  Luis Tejada (EL),  Janice Stearns (Tech),  Audra Nauls (Bridge),  Jose Barzaga (Title  I).

Mary Ann Jackson,  Susana Castillo,  and  Leo Casanas were elected to the Deans Office.   

Joel Tepper and Ray Galarze were elected UTLA Chair and Co-Chair, respectively.  

Local  School Leadership Council members are: Mario Apodaca, Denise Barber, Ralph Benavente, Susana Castillo, Angelina Duarte-Martinez, David McBride, Jose Robles.  (Irma Jimenez, Dan Moses, and Allan Stevens were elected as alternates).