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Welcome to Mental Health Support

Bell High School is dedicated to supporting our students mental health and wellness to help students become successful adults and manage their emotions, feelings and stresses.  We strive to communicate with our students through daily interactions, monitoring and observing students both in and out of the classroom, and working as a team to provide support to students who are just having a bad day or are in deep despair and in need of serious support.  “A student’s social emotional character and overall school climate can powerfully affect whether students learn and thrive in schools and their communities.” (LAUSD Blueprint for Wellness p. 5)
Our Mental Health team is comprised of all Teachers, Counselors and Administrators monitoring students and providing the initial support and referral of students to our Psychological Social Worker (PSW) who provides continued support and outreach to outside organizations (see links) as needed, and two psychologists.  All students that arrive in any state of distress are evaluated and provided immediate support and parents are contacted to inform them of their child's mental health.  A plan is created to provide support to the student - whether that support be in continued support with our PSW and her team, outreach to an outside agency or private insurance care, or more focused support in evaluating the students mental health - the team insures that the child is not left to deal with their stressors on their own.  
Together we can support the mental health of our students! Bell HS makes every effort to support our students, but without the vital support of our parents and your daily interactions with your children can we make a difference.  We ask that all parents talk to you children and ask them about their day, ask them about their friends, and ask them about their classes.  If at any time you see a change in your child's behavior or mental health we ask that you call your own health care provider and Bell HS counseling offices so that we can reach out to your child and monitor them at school.  This will allow for communication from home to school, and outside therapy if necessary, to develop a comprehensive support program.  
This page will continue to be updated with hints, tips and ideas for how to stay mentally healthy and ways to meet the needs of students that may be having increased anxiety and/or stress.
If you have any questions, please call our counseling office at 323 832 4780 and ask to speak with Ms. Soto, PSW or any administrator regarding your child.  You can also alert the Bell Tip Line at 323 989 3750 to report anonymously if a friend, student, colleague or anyone in the Bell Community is in distress. 

Mental Health Resources

LAUSD School Mental Health -Student Health and Human Services


East Area Clinics and Offices

Ramona Clinic

 231 S. Alma Avenue,  Los Angeles CA 90063

Phone: 323-266-7615

Gage Wellness Center

2975 Zoe Avenue,  Huntington Park, CA 90255

Phone: 323-826-1520

Elizabeth Learning Center Wellness

4811 Elizabeth St., Cudahy, CA 90201

Phone: 323-271-3650

Bell Clinic

7326 S. Wilcox Avenue, Cudahy, CA 90201

Phone: 323-869-1352

Maywood Wellness Center 

5800 King Avenue Maywood, CA 90270

Phone: 323-826-1520

LAUSD School Mental Health Bell/Cudahy

7326 Wilcox Ave

Cudahy, CA. 90201

Phone: 323 869 1352 & 323 271 3650

Mental Health Resources



Penny Lane Center

5628 Slauson Ave

Commerce CA 90040

Main office: (323) 480-9250


Aztlan Family Clinic

4800 E. Gage Ave.

Bell CA 90201

Main office: (323) 560-9992



1000 S. Goodrich Blvd

Commerce CA 90002

Main office: (323) 832-9795

Fax: (323) 832-9796



6635 Florence Ave. Suite 101

Bell Gardens CA 90201

Main office: (323) 647-6740


San Antonio Mental Health

2629 Clarendon Ave 2nd fl

Huntington Park CA 90255

Main office: (323) 584-3700


Hathaway Sycamores Child Family Services

5100 S. Eastern Ave Suite #110

Commerce CA 90040

Main office: (323) 837-0838

Fax: (323) 8379719


Pacific Clinics

11731 Telegraph Road Bld. G

Santa Fe Springs CA 90670

Main office: (562) 942-8256

Intake office: 877-722-2737


Family Health Center of Greater Los Angeles INC.

(Medical and Mental Health) Undocumented

6501 S. Garfield Ave.

Bell Gardens CA 90201       (562) 928-9600