Bell Eagles Marching Band and Color Guard Shine Again at 2019 Rose Parade!

One of the Drum Majors for All-City is Alejandro Breceda, 12th grade, who is also our Bell Drum Major. He is our 6th Drum Major chosen to be an All-City Drum Major. Most high schools have never had any of their Drum Majors pass the audition, so we are very proud of this accomplishment.

The participating students spent all of their Winter Break, except Sundays, practicing, in order to be ready for the 5.5+ mile parade, plus the Bandfest and Disneyland performances. We are very proud of Laura, Alejandro, and all of our Band and Guard students who sacrificed their break in order to represent our school and District.

Here is the link to the LA Times video interview and attached are some photos of the students, Marching Band Instructor, Ms. Chaves-Rasas, and Jose Gamboa who is on the All-City staff, after the 12/29 Bandfest Performance at Pasenda City College.
Note: The link below may be blocked on an LAUSD school workstation. It should work via a smartphone or a home or library computer. Source: LA Times Website January 2019
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