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Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Dear Parents and Community Members,


We have reached the midway point of the school year, and by the time you know it, many of our seniors are much closer to reaching their goal of being College Prepared and Career Ready. As a learning community, it is critical that we at Bell HS ensure there are proper support systems in place to support seniors with their graduation requirements. With that said, Bell HS offers many enrichment, intervention and credit recovery opportunities during the school day, off track, before and after school and on Saturday’s.


More importantly, I am requesting that you as the partner in your child’s education continue to support your child to maximize his/her potential. Support could come in many ways, such as making sure they attend school on time everyday. Or simply checking your child’s grades on the Jupiter Grades online platform, along with having a conversation with your child about the importance of graduation and going to college. Consequently, February 9, 2017 is Open House for Tracks B, C an D, we at Bell HS invite all of our parents and community partners to visit the school and have a deep conversation about your son and/or daughter’s academic growth.


In an effort to promote college opportunities, during the months of February and March all seniors will be applying and submitting electronically their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The results from FAFSA will afford all students scholarships and financial opportunities to attend the college of their choice. After all, it is our schools core belief that NO senior should be hampered from the ability to attend college due to financial difficulties.


For more information on the FAFSA, please contact the College Center Counseling staff at (323) 832-4779 or 4838.



Rafael L. Balderas, Principal