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Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

As we prepare for the upcoming State and National Assessments along with the Science test, Bell High School staff is planning and coordinating for this annual rite of passage. To that end, starting in the spring of 2017, all 11th grade students at Bell High School will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC) that have been developed to assess student mastery of the Common Core State Standards.  The tests will be taken on computers and portions of it will be adaptive.  This means that a student showing mastery on the test will be given more difficult questions and a student who is struggling will be given easier questions.  In addition, the questions will be different than the multiple choice questions that we had in past years.  Some questions will require students to type short responses, do multiple steps in a word problem, or even highlight key words in a reading passage.

Our teachers are continually teaching, assessing and preparing students for this annual assessment.  As a reminder, during the week of May 1 to May 12, 2017 all students enrolled in Advance Placement classes will be assessed for mastery learning. Followed by all eleventh grade students who will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) test this spring in both English and math.  Specifically, Tracks A, B, C & Magnet will be tested from May 15 to June 16, 2016. If you wish to learn more about the Smarter Balanced Assessments and see sample questions please go to

More importantly, I am requesting that you as the partner in your child’s education continue to support your child to maximize his/her potential. Support could come in many ways, such as making sure they attend school on time everyday. Or simply checking your child’s grades on the Jupiter Grades online platform, along with having a conversation with your child about the importance of graduation and going to college. Consequently, May 11, 2017 is Parent Conferences for Tracks A and C, we at Bell HS invite all of our parents and community partners to visit the school and have a deep conversation about your son and/or daughter’s academic growth.


If you have any questions about the Smarter Balanced Assessments, please feel free to contact your child’s counselor or Testing Office at (323) 832-4769.



Rafael L. Balderas, Principal