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Achieve UC Event Coming, October 19th!

Achieve UC is a new systemwide initiative aimed at helping more students understand how to prepare for higher education and to encourage them to get on and stay on a path to college. Click the link to find out more about this event, the specific activities, and the schedule.
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Annual Title I Parent Meeting

This meeting will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 8:30 AM in the Parent Center. Come and learn about the school’s Title I program/budget and how you can participate in your child’s education.
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Restorative Justice Information (in English & Spanish)

What are the benefits of Restorative Justice in LAUSD schools?

Members of the school community will:
Build safer and more caring school environments.
Have an opportunity to be heard.
Understand the greater impact of one's actions and learn to take responsibility.
Repair the harm one's actions may have caused.

(Click the image to read more. Full information can be found under the "Home" flag --> Restorative Justice Info)
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Parents! Get access to important information about your child using LAUSD's PASSPORT

Dear Parents & Guardians,
You can now access information about your children and how they are performing in school, at any level, pre-K to 12th grade. Follow the links on the displayed flyer to register yourself as a parent or guardian of your children and get more information about how the system works. This flyer is available in English or Spanish.

More information can be found regarding Passport in the Parents section above. Look for the section labeled, "PASSPORT".
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College and Career Center Monthly Update for September

In an effort to keep everyone informed, Mr. Gurrola in our College Counselor has developed a College and Career Center Monthly Update for September. Please inform all your students during Advisory of the college opportunities being offered in the College Center. Click the link to download/view a .pdf copy of the calendar.

As a reminder, every Thursday is College Awareness Day!
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